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XKE RestorationsMarch 16, 2011

Presently we have Four restorations in our shop. We have Lou’s 1961 flat floor roadster, two 1967’s (Lisle’s coupe and Bill’s roadster) and Eric’s 1970 roadster. As well, we have a 1968 2+2 that has been here for mechanical work after paint.  Take a look below for your favorite.






Eric’s 1970 XKE OTS – Full Restoration with Performance UpgradesFebruary 16, 2011

Eric’s car is a true 7,000 mile original car. So far the car has been painted, all the suspension has been restored and performance-upgraded with uprated shocks and springs/bars. The engine wll sport a triple SU conversion, modern electronic ignition, stainless steel exhaust and headers. We have also upgraded the wheels to a higher-strength wire wheel, larger tires and uprated brakes.


Presently we are working on completion of the engine bay, including sourcing new parts as required.


Here is a link to Eric’s car.  This is going to be an awesome street car.