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Le Mans Car framework

Monthly Specials

XJ-40 Parts

We have a few XJ-40 parts available from previous customer restorations. A few trim pieces and suspension components are available, including a rear shock conversion kit. Contact us for details. Priced to sell!



“Earlier Sedans”

We stock a complete line of Mark II and early sedan parts. Give us a call or drop us a line with what you need.

This month I found a pair of rechromed grill vents for the front of Mk I and Mk II. These are the factory grills that were inset to replace the driving lights….Sale ( get ’em outta here) price $20 each. The chroming was $60, so you are getting the parts for less than the plating!



A new shipment of our popular gear reduction starters has arrived. Not rebuild unit, these are new. Not junk yard starter drives that are “close” to the required tooth size, these drives are custom-machined to fit perfectly.


List price on these are not cheap; $310.00 each. Available in XK-120 through 150, 3.8L and 4.2L  and V-12 as well. Sale price is $266.00. We carry ring gears at $99.00 if you prefer to repair your existing flywheel.


Leaper Ornament

We have taken Jaguar factory hood ornaments (the lovely leaping cat) and converted them to be fully removable. No extra holes to be drilled in your bonnet. This conversion uses factory location and components. Stainless steel locking pin keeps your “cat” securely in place, yet removes easily for safe storage. Now you can finally bring your “cat in for the night”!

Price: CAD $391.00