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Our Policies

Keeping us all on the same page

Most suppliers have policies regarding how they do business. These policies are designed to maintain a level field in dealing with our customers when something does not go according to your plan. We feel that having a set of specific policies related to how your are treated at Browns Lane is good; having these stated up front with you is much better! You want to be treated fairly in all your dealings; so do we. The following policies are designed to ensure you understand exactly how we will respect you and how we wish to be respected in turn. The worst thing that could happen when something  needs to be addressed in our business relationship is a surprise!


Special Orders and Custom work

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Browns Lane is the ability to find you the “hard-to-get” parts…sometimes, when parts you need are no longer manufactured, we will custom make them for you; whatever it takes to get you back on the road! Due to the extensive effort this work requires we require prepayment for this work.



We accept cash, certified cheques, Money Orders, Visa and Mastercard only. Sorry no C.O.D. orders. Personal cheques will have to clear the bank before your shipment leaves our offices. International orders may be paid by credit card and will be invoiced in Canadian dollars using the exchange rate in effect on the day of the transaction.

Payments for restoration work will be considered immediately due upon presentation of your invoice.  This is because we have already expended our financial and physical resources in doing your work. Any work not paid within 14 days will result in the restoration of your car  being placed on hold, and storage fees of $20 per day will immediately apply. Payments due for more than 30 days will result in a lien being placed on your car.  All fees and costs related to this lien will be charged to you.  This includes, but is not limited to, lawyer’s fees, carrying charges at 20% per anum calculated daily, storage fees as stated above, and any labor charges that may be related to storage of your car. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis for storage as it applies.


Returned Cheques

All returned cheques will be subject to a service charge of $50 per item. We will not resubmit any cheques that were denied by your bank. Any returned cheques will be treated as non-payment and storage fees will  begin immediately.


Damage/Missing Parts Claims

All shipments must be checked immediately upon receipt. If the box is damaged, advise the shipper before you accept the shipment, otherwise you will be responsible for shipping damage. This is the shipper’s policy not ours. Please call us immediately upon identification of damage or short-shipped goods. We may not accept any claims if we are not notified within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment.


Returns: There are no returns on modified, special-order, electrical or bearings.

All returns must be received within 30 days, and must be returned to us with a copy of the original invoice. All parts must be returned in new condition and in their original and undamaged packaging. If not, we will not accept them. If you have attempted to install it, you own it. We reserve the right to determine if a part is truly defective before making a refund. We will not accept C.O.D. on any returns.  All parts, unless specifically noted on the invoice, are subject to a minimum 20% restocking charge. This applies as soon as the parts are ordered. Often your order requires us to make purchases on your behalf.  This is considered a special order for the purposes of invoicing.

All refunds will be made in the form of credit toward future purchases.

International orders must CLEARLY state these are Canadian Goods returning.  Failure to do so may result in inappropriate customs duties and charges which you will be responsible to pay. So please do your paperwork! If you need help, please ask us and we’ll do our best to help.



Core returns will only be accepted within a 30 day window and must be returned in the original packaging with a copy of the original invoice. Cores must be clean, fully assembled and undamaged. If not, they will not be accepted, sorry! Please drain any fluids and package any hydraulic parts in two plastic bags to ensure no leakage. Couriers will charge for leaking cores and you are responsible for any and all fluid leaks. We are not responsible for shipping damage, so please pack your cores well.

Cores must be identical to the original part shipped.  Sorry, but many steering racks have been damaged beyond repair by non-authorized re-builders. They are of no value to you or us. We reserve the right to refuse any core that cannot be rebuilt for any reason.


Warranty Claims

Unless specifically stated on your original invoice, we will not be held responsible for any warranty claims other than the replacement of the part itself, and only when there is no manufacturer’s warranty in force. Warranty returns must be clean, unmodified, undamaged or disassembled. There are no exceptions. Installation and removal labor is not covered.


In Summary

We will try our best to make you happy. We take our responsibilities seriously in serving you. We also expect to be treated in a similar manner. No surprises for us, none for you.  Thank you for your attention.